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I tend to forget dreams as soon as I wake up but somehow feel them under the

skin, 2021, drawing, 2m x 210cm, crayons on canvas


Have you ever woken up in the morning only to feel like you’ve lost something extremely important?

Or have you forgotten the message I sent to myself from the future and accidentally found a slight clue of the message while walking down the street?


The process of drawing is similar to the process of remembering the dream I had the previous night. Some dreams are something I’ve never seen in my life. Although there is no substance, I remember the feeling which stays with me for a long time and I attach a shape and story to it. My works deal with the process of capturing and reproducing unconscious potential situations or mental states such as unconsciousness, identity and vitality.


”I tend to forget dreams as soon as I wake up but somehow feel them under the skin “is a drawing by Jung A Lee. Using crayons to draw it makes it easy to capture the momentary feeling because it can be drawn anywhere without having to dry or clean brushes. What matters to her as pictorial elements are color and curve. The colors she uses don’t have meaning in themselves. However, various attributes of color, such as contrast and bright and dark colors are arranged to express dynamism.


Stem, 2022, drawing, crayons on canvas, 2m x 2m


Jung A worked on this painting inspired by the curves of plants. A small plant, which she didn’t even know was in the corner of her winter garden, blossomed despite having no water or sunlight. It bloomed even though the stem was drooping. She got the motif from the figure rising up to get some sunlight. She  didn’t care about being dead or alive until the flowers bloomed, but she felt strongly about her existence when seeing them bloom. Soon after, the flowers withered, and yet the stem continues to retain its winding shape.

Lines are important in a formative sense, but some lines are free and show some will. These lines have the flow of time, their own rhythm and wrinkles, such as lines that are strongly pushed down, lines that are slowly completed and short but strong stimulating lines.

K.Skinless human.jpg

Skinless humans 1 and 2, 2022, drawing on Canvas,

In our society people like members of the LGBTQ community, women and refugees still have
to fear to be excluded from society and be discriminated against. Despite this fear there is the need for them to stand up and fight for their rights.  Jung A will treat the witch as a theme of hate, exclusion and surveillance from a modern point of view. In addition, she would like to express emotions and thoughts arising from these
external factors.

K. A Fire .jpg

A Fire that burns haunts me, 2022,drawing, crayons on canvas, 90cm x 150cm

Nowadays, the world, especially Europe, is facing difficult times with problems such as war, refugees, Corona, racism and gender discrimination. In this chaotic situation, Jung A  thoughts about how to express art through her works.

What Jung A does is focus on her inner thoughts and unconsciousness, draw them out and picture them and at the same time, interpret and internalize social phenomena. She spent a lot of time alone during the pandemic, during which she explored the fear of death, government control, war, hatred and the self.

Under the Water, 2022,drawing, crayons on canvas, 87x100cm

Assemble new vibes at koreanisches Kulturzentrum in Berlin

Photography. Miji Ih

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