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Studying Rubends 


Oil color mixed with clay, 1x1m

In Nature, there is no line 

Oil color mixed with clay, 1m x 80cm

Why are lines absent in this world? 

I started this project with the suspicions of how I perceive this world and  distinguish and comprehend the nature. 

I grasp this world somewhat psychologically; by implying the ground fundamentals  of emotions, imaginations and memories to comprehend somewhat of a metaphor  in the world. 

I wanted to construct directives on these ambiguous emotions and that’s the  reason why I studied the Baroque period during winter in 2018. The Baroque style used contrast, movement, exuberant detail, deep colour,  grandeur and surprise to achieve a sense of awe. 

A lot of works, especially from ‘Rubens’ particularly caught my eyes in particular. His artworks tend to have unclear lines which are disconnected from the  background. 

Through the characters drawn in Ruben’s artworks, I sense and notice directions  of vigorous mobility. 

by exaggerating the directions, the lines appear and the object no longer becomes  significant and what leaves behind in the artworks are the elements that construct  the pure movement of energy, light and darkness. 

Abstract has no form. What will happen if when you immerse emotions into a  formless abstract? 

The whole purpose of this project is to liberate the colours and forms from the  object, concentrate on the fundamental energy it contains and overall to maximise  and express. 

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