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Jung A Lee 


Jung A Lee was born in Seoul, Korea, in 1995. She lives and works in Berlin and currently studies fine art and painting at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin. 

Her works deal with the process of capturing and reproducing unconscious potential situations or states. She also works on conversation and uses media such as installation and video. 

Jung A received a Mat Stam scholarship from the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin.(Germany scholarship). She has taken part in several group exhibitions in Germany, such as -188+x (Balzac), Uelzen (2019), Passive Aggressive in Berlin (2021). Wasser zwischen deinen Fingern in Berlin(2022) Also, she participated in exhibitions in Korea, like a solo exhibition in Seoul, Korea Strength of a Moment in Tya gallery (2021) and #Youth Group exhibition in CICA Museum in Gimpo, Korea(2022)

Artist statement 


Nowadays, the world, especially Europe, is facing difficult times with problems such as war, refugees, Corona, racism and gender discrimination. In this chaotic situation, Jung A thoughts about how to express art through her works. What Jung A does is focus on her inner thoughts and unconsciousness, draw them out and

picture them and at the same time, interpret and internalize social phenomena. She spent a lot of time alone during the pandemic, during which she explored the fear of death, government control, war, hatred and the self.


Jung A looked at the moods and feelings she had during the pandemic from a Buddhist perspective.

Humans communicate with the world through consciousness. Consciousness is as deep and broad as the universe and so is our mind. What happens out there affects our minds. Therefore, our existence is never separated from the world and exists in connection with accidental and inevitable causes.


In the picture, each element is related, intertwined and interdependent and forms a rhythm.

Sometimes violently, sometimes gently. Being tied up in such an intertwined and interdependent relationship is like slowly eroding into a swarm. Breathtaking and exhausting, closing in without her knowledge. However, taking a step back, feeling the rhythm or vibration of the world and setting her direction again gives her a calm shiver inside.


Since 2017

Kunsthochschule berlin weissensee


Anthill, Weserhalle, Berlin, Germany, Solo exhibition


Tales of womanhood, Projektraum Bethanien, Berlin,Germany, Group exhibition


Big City Baby, Zitadelle Spandau(ZAK), Berlin, Germany, Group exhibition

Assemble new vibes, Kulturabteilung der Botschaft der Republik Korea, Berlin, Germany, 

Group exhibition

​The Waverton Art Prize Exhibition, Aliceís oyster bar & Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Wasser zwischen deinen Fingern, strandbad tegel see, Berlin, Germany, Group exhibition

#Youth, CICA Museum in Gimpo, Korea,Group exhibition

passive aggressive, Galerie Sandra bruegel, Berlin, Germany, Group exhibition,

Fragile Identitäten, Art.Insola, Berlin, Germany, Solo exhibition


Drawing: Strenght of a Moment, Tya gallery, Seoul, South Korea, Solo exhibition

Artist Infinity, Kulturmarkthalle, Berlin, Germany, Group exhibition

-188+x(Balzac) Group Exhibition, Kunstverein Uelzen, Germany
























Mart Stam -Deutschland Stipendium

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