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Drawing : Strength of a Moment     2021

Drawing: Strength of a Moment is a way to observe myself, me in an imperfect, incomplete state.


We live in an age of incompleteness. Somehow it might be a vacant cliche for the value of my existence to be accepted as it is.


Drawings reveal the incompleteness of themselves. They are light and easy to keep, but not durable.

In some sense, making a drawing is hidden self-satisfaction, and personally, it is like a journal written in codes. It does not need much time, and as I can draw anywhere, it is free from spatial limitation. Therefore, the intense feeling of an instant can be expressed as it is.


It is a period when I have to deceive my own self.

I had thought I had to hurl my whole body in shallower skin than any other, into the society. However, these days I began to arm myself with robust armours. Though I, still young, don't know what is the answer, drawing makes me candid. I, raw and unelaborated, collides with I, covered with splendid colours.


The incompleteness of drawing might be the most needed element for me.

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